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Robert Todd Carroll

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Dozens of readers have sent me suggestions, corrections, admonitions, and criticisms of varying significance and complexity. They are too many to name, but I am very grateful to them for taking the time to help me improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the Skeptic's Dictionary.

There are several critical readers, however, whom I must mention and publicly thank: Leroy Ellenberger, Ray Hall, Ivan Kelly, Carol Lazetsky, Hoa Nguyen, Florin Clapa and Jon Henrik Gilhuus. I apologize to the many others whose names should be mentioned.

I would also like to thank Antonio Ingles for all the work he has done in translating the Skeptic's Dictionary into Portuguese, Vlado Lucknar for translating some of the entries into Slovak, and Stephane Duchesne for launching a French translation to be posted on the Québec Skeptic's Page. I would also like to thank Javier Mari and the Spanish Skeptics for translating many entries into Spanish, and Gloria Sánchez and Gerardo Fernández for doing the same with Latin American Spanish. Thanks also to Rainer Kayser, science editor of FutureFrame, for publishing entries from the Skeptic's Dictionary in English and in German (in MorgenWelt). Finally, thanks to Masataka Okubo for translating and posting many SD entries in Japanese.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge two readers who have spent much time and effort proofreading and criticizing my work. If it were not for Richard N. Herren and Tim Boettcher, the Skeptic's Dictionary would contain many more errors and would be much less readable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Robert Todd Carroll


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